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sukuma & ugali


Sukuma is populary known as Kale .Sukuma and Ugali is a total kenyan staple, a favorite of every child and adult and great lunch time. This dish is served in every kiosk, canteen and almost everyone must have it once a week. Its light on the stomach yet filling and with very little oil content it makes it a healthy tasty meal.

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“Sukuma – spinach and sukuma wiki, onion, tomatoes and slat and spices
ugali – maize flour”


Sukuma Wiki’ contains high amounts of Vitamin A which strengthens the eye and boosts night vision. It also contains vitamin C which is vital for the body cells repair and skin smoothening. Also contains high source of Iron

Order Time: 25 hours

Expiration Date: Fresh

Package Size / Weight: Portion for One person

Vendor: DG Foods


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