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Blossom Health

Food goes beyond satisfying hunger and giving us nutritional benefits. Food is culture and it is one the things that identifies and defines the various cultures around the world. Wheat products are a central part of Kenyan food culture from chapatis, mandazis, bread, pancakes, samosas; in one way or another we consume wheat in at least one of our daily meals. When my son had to cut off wheat from his diet because of eczema, I was startled, I mean what are we supposed to eat? Everything contains wheat. As a mother of 3 children who are gluten intolerant they led me down this path; to create gluten-free flour that would be safe for them. Flours that would still have them be apart of the Kenyan food culture; to make my best-loved chapati among other things.

We set up our production plant in Siaya county and we have partnered with the local farmers who are our chief suppliers of raw materials. Gluten-free living can be a lifestyle choice or it can be mandatory in managing some specific health conditions. Either way we are here for you. Gluten-free simplified is our motto and our flours make cakes, bread, chapati, samosas, mahamris, doughnuts, cupcakes.

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