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About Us

Made from mother’s love and passion 


In the entire universe, a mother’s love is the most beautiful and passionate love. Nothing can compare towards it. We all grow up having the best delicacies prepared by our mothers and no matter what our age, we shall always remember the taste of our mum’s homemade food and cooked meals.  

 The memories we build over the dinner table, sharing those meals, and having those laughters. Those are the good moments with our family. Those were the days of true happiness where we had time, we sat on the table and enjoyed home-cooked meals. We used to share our little stories with our family, create memories that last a lifetime. Our values and culture too were built from those very moments. 

 With today’s fast life and no time, we have moved to fast foods, takeaways, restaurant meals or even frozen meals The tradition, the passion and mothers and grand mother’s love, the bond being built during preparing the meals and having them is disappearing and that hurts to see. 

Spoons can see that the mother’s touch is disappearing and we want to keep that alive. Some of the delicacies on the Spoons platform are recipes that are passed on from generation to generation. The idea behind the e-commerce platform, Spoons is to allow clients to order their choice of quality food, that is freshly made at home.  


The vendors are very passionate. However, before we start, we go through their quality. We need to understand what ingredients they use and the freshness of the products. Spoons is all about supporting the local and bringing to the table the love, the freshness and the health, that enables you to create memories that live a lifetime. 


Come support us and together let’s build memories to cherish a lifetime. 

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